Our Values

  • Building trust and strong relationships
  • Innovating for the better of health
  • Creating opportunities for those facing difficulties
  • Dedication to every client’s success

Who we are?

Steel Defence IT was created with the vision of being able to provide Managed IT Services to homes and small businesses.

Our technical expertise is in:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Networking
  • Cybersecurity

IT services is now more important than ever and the world is become a digital place allowing for convenience of pretty much all tasks while making business operations a lot more tedious to control as the constant need for maintenance of technology requires cost effective solutions while also being in compliance with rules and regulations of the country that you are operating in. We noticed that while all these big tech companies fish for big clients, it’s the little people that get left out and even though there may be services which can accommodate small businesses – the pricing becomes an anomaly as the company may be providing more than a business may need. We then began introducing a more personalised service with level pricing for homes and smaller businesses so that they can access what the bigger companies can but at a smaller scale.

Our passion lies around discussing information and technology and what it could bring to the world especially practical applications of even the smallest of things but it doesn’t just end there as we have access to a range of individuals who provide what may be required from us. 

Our Values in action

Building trust and strong relationships

  • We are passionate about building trust with clients and consumers of any nature because our main aim behind our services is to provide for all.
  • We always focus on the outcomes and believe the services we provide can aid our clients in succeeding.
  • We always include the personalisation required for any client so that they feel comfortable having a conversation with us because of full transparency.

Innovating for the better of health

  • We believe that the application of efficient IT solutions can improve business operations, society itself and the health of all humans.
  • We love to think “outside the box” when problem solving for even those everyday improvements.
  • Technology does not just have to be beneficial for financial reasons but to improve health. IT allows us to take informed risks and gives us a peace of mind when performing complex tasks which may require the use of repetition and analysis.

Creating opportunities for those facing difficulties

  • We feel that individuals who face difficulties with their physical health and mental health are not given enough opportunities. We have plans to include everybody and anybody within a workplace as we grow because it isn’t just about filling a quota but actually letting these individuals show us what they are made of.
  • We feel that a lot of individuals do not get a chance at opportunities such as entry-level work and apprenticeships because the roles are so congested with requirements for advanced tiers of experience. Our plan includes investing in people and allowing them to create a career within the IT industry eradicating the thought of not being good enough.
  • We wish to be disability confident employers. not because of an award or a special logo, but to be an employer that you can be confident in dealing with on a day-to-day basis. A company by the under-represented for the under-represented.

Dedication to every client’s success

  • We look to demonstrate our personal dedication for any client. From businesses to homes, we will always aim to make sure that you can flourish with a peace of mind.
  • Any individual we provide will always have their skills validated and updated regularly in line with what is required of them giving you a peace of mind.
  • Your success lies in getting rid of the hassle which we aim to help with by providing you with efficient IT solutions for any environment.