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Here We Are

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Welcome to Steel Defence IT.

It has been a challenging year for all of us but we decided to give the website and some of our services a revamp. While the lock down currently in place till the 2nd December 2020 has put a spin on a lot of companies, it has not stopped us from developing new and innovative ways to serve our clients.

Getting in touch with us

We have been going over how we serve our clients coming from a range of backgrounds which include homes and small businesses. We had an issue where it was difficult to be reached via the phone because of other ventures we were looking to explore but now it has become very simple. We still operate the same contact number however you will reach our switchboard where all you have to do is ask for ‘Steel Defence IT’ to be put through to our first point of contact administrators who will help to resolve any queries and take any questions. We really didn’t want to implement an automated switchboard because of how boring it can be. Because we serve homes and small businesses, we will have two different teams operating as a first point of contact before guiding you to the necessary service you require. This ensures everyone receives the dedicated treatment they deserve and let’s be honest, you don’t want to waiting on the phone pressing numbers for 5 minutes before being told that you need to be transferred to another department. Some clients have asked us, how do we operate on a 24 hour basis? While we follow traditional times of operations, our phone line is open and can be called at any time. In the instance you cannot get a hold of anyone, please leave a voicemail and it will be picked up and listened to shortly after it has been left.

The administrator that you speak to will be fully equipped with the knowledge and tools that can help them be effective in serving you.

Our contact number can be found on our site in various places but do give us a ring on: 0203-432-4775

Steel Defence® Repair Hub

One exciting announcement we wanted to make was that we are happy to introduce the Steel Defence® Repair Hub for any individuals and businesses. We know how much of a burden it can be to some operations when some hardware stops working and now their IT department has got to work on a fix while also operating on a problem severity level basis. With the introduction of the Repair Hub, we can look to accommodate the repair and refurbishment of a massive range of hardware. PC’s, Laptops, Mobile devices were just the beginning for us but now we accommodate all types of electrical items that may need a quick repair or refurbishment to then be quickly put back into the market.

The best bit for businesses is that with the Repair Hub, the cost of the service includes dedicated specialists, dedicated workshops where items can be delivered and collected from which are all located in London. We also offer personalised options for those who have begun their eCommerce journeys or are already established and may operate internationally. The problem that some smaller clients have reported to us is that a customer may report a product damaged or defective and they are issued a replacement or given a refund for return. Instead of considering the product a complete loss, you as an individual or business can send us your products to be examined and possibly repaired before putting it back out on the market. Documentation relating to the product and its repair will be required so that we get the job done per standards set by the client and we will also be providing a full report of our examination. This is to be as transparent as possible so you really get the most of the service.

Just to clarify, the Repair Hub allows you to outsource the space and the professionals required to allow for repairs and refurbishments to be made to a range of devices. If there are any questions about this at all, then we welcome them to be asked over the phone or send us an email at:

We constantly look to update the website with information regarding services and current news on a rolling basis so be sure to check in regularly for the latest. We aim to be as transparent and efficient in any services we provide so do tell us, how can we help you?

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