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– Account option(s) available
– Reactive options(s) available

To allow for flexibility and granular personalisation of services, we give our clients the choice of choosing from a range of agreement types which allow you to get exactly what you have paid for.


Reactive basically refers to the process of being called out to perform a one-off task/job for our client or to respond in the event of an emergency. This is service is provided as a one-off and billed as a one-off and will consist of all charges in accordance with service being provided.


Contract-based agreements were introduced recently to accommodate the need for several of our services to be provisioned over a set period of time. With this option, a lump sum is agreed between us and client for the provision of what may be requested at the time of an initial coversation.

We do have the option of allowing for sum to be paid in instalments like our monthly option however pricing will vary and be based on specifics of services being provided. Do get in touch for more clarification if required.


Monthly refers to services which are charged for on a monthly basis. Services which are charged on a monthly basis usually require a contract of agreement being signed by the client to acknowledge the agreement of services being provided over a specified period of time (e.g. 3 months/6 months/12 months) and can be discussed at the time of choosing your service.

We will always notify you at the time of discussion if there is a minimum term that must be adhered to for certain services.


One of our goals is to be able to accommodate as many needs and wants as possible by providing a tailored solution for any request made.

We will always be transparent and inform you of any limitations around personalisation of any services however we always strive to really hit the mark and give you exactly what you want.


Our pricing varies for some services due to a number of factors and will require discussion to find out what you need and what we can offer. For some services, we have included the pricing on the individual page.

Any prices we advertise on the website include VAT and are accurate at the time of posting however we always keep an eye on the site to implement updates as swiftly as possible. If there is any doubt about pricing or any questions you have about any of our services then do get in touch so we can clear it all up for you.

Request our services in three ways

We look to make your experience as smooth as possible so don’t worry about lengthy waiting times as we always aim to get to you in a swift manner.

Call us on (+44)0203-432-4775 and ask for the service you require or alternatively quote the service code located at the bottom of any page to proceed.

Drop us an email at with your request or quote the appropriate service code located at the bottom of any page.

Drop us a message on social media with a request for a discovery call and we will aim to get back to you within the same day.