We utilise logistics for collecting and delivering sensitive IT equipment for our clients.


A single hard drive or several computers, we aim to accommodate requests of any kind.


Depending on goods being transported, we utilise different methods all the time to ensure security, privacy and integrity when delivering your package.

Logistics made simple

We currently proivide logistic services in and between London and Birmingham – both located in the United Kingdom. We cover a range of IT equipment that may need delivering and hope to accommodate any specific requests. We train our transporters to not just memorise but understand the methods required to transport sensitive materials that clients consider moving from location A to location B.

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What makes us different?

To simply put it, we care a lot more. Our investment into protective methods mean transporting the most sensitive of IT related goods can be handled. You shouldn’t have to think about having a parcel stuck in the back of a van taking a tumble with every turn but instead can expect your goods to be treated with the best care available. Pricing varies on the actual goods and pickup/destination. We carry out a brief risk assessment to ensure the best methods are utlised in getting your goods transported in an appropriate manner.