Repair Hub for Businesses


The introduction of our repair hub has meant that larger scale businesses have the opportunity to utilise the services we have on offer and take a weight of their shoulders. We have a dedicated team assigned to dealing with businesses who operate in a more corporate manner and may require a long-term repair service based in London. This is an exciting attachment to the Repair Hub as for larger businesses, we operate two workshops within the hub – one workshop will look at identifying software based issues and look to deal with software installations, removals and quality checking to ensure that everything works as it is supposed to before being returned. Our second workshop deals with the hardware based issues and operates in the form of troubleshooting and repairs. Having two different workshops allows us to partition and identify machines with software or hardware problems and helps us to designate a more efficient workflow.

The granularity is something we take pride in and also offer with the repair hub because we want to take away the headache of dealing with machines. The repair hub for businesses isn’t purely just for repairs but can be utilised for refurbishments, quality testing, upgrades and so much more. Just tell us what you need and we will aim to accommodate every request you may have.


Simply get in touch with us to arrange a discovery meeting so we can understand your needs and requirements. Just know that our repair hub will definitely be an asset for your company as you get the space, the professionals and the service required to help your operations become a lot better. Our discovery meeting will look to outline not just your requirements of us but also the turnover time required to set up because we do not allow for the mixing of any work whatsoever. Any services taken out with us will be handled by dedicated professionals, meaning they work and operate only on your equipment and resources – this segregation allows us to operate with security, privacy and integrity.

We can also deploy a professional or a team to your premises to deal with your day-to-day IT requirements however we operate with complete transparency and would expect the necessary documentation and related information to help you achieve your business objectives. We can also implement the use of a reactive specialist to come out to your premises on a 24/7 basis should there be an urgent need when something goes wrong out-of-hours. There is so much more that you can utilise from us because the level of planning we undertake to provide a service is complex process due to the anticipation of unforeseen circumstances.

We implement extensive security protocols to ensure there is integrity in all work completed. Get in touch with us today and tell us how we can help you.