Repair Hub for Business


Get in touch to discuss your requirements/scope and let us tell you what we can do to help.


Let us handle IT repairs – on your premises or at one of our local workshops.


Tell us whether you need equipment destroyed or refurbished – we aim to cater to all requirements.

Need a dedicated repair team?

The introduction of our repair hub has meant that larger scale businesses have the opportunity to utilise the services
we have on offer and take a weight of their shoulders. We have a dedicated team assigned to dealing with businesses
who operate in a more corporate manner and may require a long-term repair service based in London.

This is an exciting attachment to the Repair Hub for larger businesses, as we operate two workshops within the hub –
one workshop will look at identifying software based issues and look to deal with software installations, removals and
quality checking to ensure that everything works as it is supposed to before being returned. Our second workshop deals
with the hardware based issues and operates in the form of troubleshooting and repairs.

Having two different workshops
allows us to partition and identify machines with software or hardware problems and helps us to designate a more efficient workflow.


Get in touch or arrange a discovery call. Here we can discuss what we can provision for you.


Tell us what IT equipment across company premises would require repairs/troubleshooting or maintenance.


We will inspect items in accordance with priority. We will then aim to identify issues and provide our findings accordingly. Repairs will be undertaken in accordance with agreement reached.


We provision teams on-the-go so you don’t have to worry about individuals coming from another business and tending to your needs. Instead you will have a dedicated team assisting across company property. This helps to maintain security and integrity.