Repair Hub for E-Commerce


Book a repair for your E-Commerce store.


Let us handle the troubleshooting & repair for your products.


Simply tell us what you wish to be done with refurbished or non-repairable items and book a collection or delivery.


Online shopping has revolutionised the way a customer/client is able to purchase a product or service. Allowing an individual to sit in the comfort of their own home while purchasing what they want or need has become so much easier. 

Thought about salvaging a product that was returned due to damage? Let us work with you to take a look and figure out what would be the best course of action.

Our investment in manpower goes a long way because its easy being able to get updates and see something online, but what happens when you need more comprehensive support? The last thing anybody wants, is to be put on hold for 10 minutes while they are trying to reach a representative just for a query that they could not solve by reading the FAQS.


When you send your item directly to us, you’ll receive a confirmation that we have received it.


Tell us what products need repairing, provide any necessary documentation to troubleshoot and repair your item to your business standards, the quantity and the relevant documentation outlining the initial problems the items or each individual item may have experienced.


We will inspect the item and
diagnose the issue. After being given permission, repairs will begin and could take up to 14 business days but could take slightly longer (this varies on quantity and the nature of repairs, however we always aim to give you the most accurate estimate of days possible.


Being based in London, United Kingdom – it has allowed us be a centralised point for all your needs and wants. Give us a call or drop us an email to tell us, how can we help?