Technical Support


The importance of techical support has grown as consumers spend more time online and across the internet completing tasks that they may have. Any individual using computers – which in this day and age is practically everybody – will need to consider an IT strategy if they are to make the most of their technology. At Steel Defence IT, our support is not just about fixing problems, but optimising the usability of any system so that you can get the most out of your technology. We always look to engage our clients and make sure they are up-to-date with what is needed for them to be able to go about their day in a safe and secure manner while providing them with personalisation so they really can pick and mix what might be required.

Another important reason for any individual or business to enlist IT support is to keep their network as secure as possible from potential cyber threats which could put users at risk of data loss and so much more. Our IT professionals will have the necessary knowledge to determine which solutions will work best, and to then install that solution and even monitor its effect so that you are satisfied with any of our services.

Brief look on our IT support

IT support (Onsite) IT support (Remote)
– You will have an IT Technician/Specialist sent to your home or business premises to provide support for any tech issues you may be expecting or be facing. Anybody we do send will have skills validated in one or more relevant fields so that you have a peace of mind when it comes to the integrity of work required for your task. We always look to provide individuals who think outside the box and have a passion for solving problems of any nature as you should not have to worry about business interruptions. – This can be utilised in a number of ways such as over the phone, via text, via email or over communication platforms of your choice. Giving you a variety of options will give you a peace of mind with regards to your privacy and integrity of any communications with us. Because IT support looks to aid a variety of problems, do get in touch with us so we can get an idea of how we can help you.


You have the choice of allowing us to simply troubleshoot and look to identify an issue you may have or purely use us for a repair and devices can includes PCs, Laptops, Mobile Devices and any other electronics you think we could help with. This allows you to take advantage of our granularity of services while only paying for what you need. This is a very comprehensive process which may include a number of steps depending on the nature of repair however you will be informed about this at the time of contact. We also include documentation which outlines what it is, our professional has done whether it be for identifying a problem or fixing a problem so that you can keep this as a reference should you come across an issue like this again. We strive to ensuring our clients and customers are happy with the level of service provided so we have different levels of after-care in place should you require it. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, even if it is the case of a simple PC clean as we aim to accommodate for all.

PC Cleaning

PC cleaning service is our most basic service and always aims to be quick and simple. We start by taking apart your case as required and then use a range of tools to delicately get rid of that thick dust that might have been mounting up over the years of use. Maintaining your computer does not have to be complex and a deep clean can really do wonders for the efficiency and operation of your device. We also provide thermal paste top-up/replacement and start-up checks to make sure that everything is running smoothly (permission required). For any work we complete on PC’s, Laptops, Workstations and more – we will be including this to make sure that you get your device or machine looking and feeling as good as new.

Technical Documentation

Documentation is the product of technical writing that refers to different documents with product-related information and contains the details about your technical product. It can be printed or accessible via your machine (e.g. as a PDF file). Technical documentation is created in various scenarios and is important to helping end-users understand products and allow to them potentially troubleshoot a problem with ease. You may imagine that documentation is just dry text that people can understand but it’s not true as documentation is more than text — videos, screenshots, charts, diagrams, and other visual elements feature modern manuals. You will fully realise it when you go through materials available to help understand your product. Here at SDIT, we provide technical documentation with services where necessary, like SOHO builds or our troubleshooting/repairs so that you will always have a point of reference did you require it.