Technical Support


We cover a range of IT equipment repairs and troubleshooting. Some of the most common devices we come across are PC’s, Laptops and Mobile Devices


After a diagnosis of an issue or a complete fix, we always aim to create documentation for you to outline our findings, the work that was undertaken and most importantly – the end result.


We can provision teams to provide your on-site/off-site maintenance. Simply tell us your requirements and watch us get to work.

Support on your terms

It all comes down to what you require. How can we help?


Our average recruitment time for dedicated technical support teams can range from 3 – 8 weeks. Our teams are usually provisioned for long-term workloads with clients/customers but you can tell us if a team is what will help you get to where you need.


Technical support for homes should not be difficult. We provide the same manner of service to all types of clients. We implement a number of procedures to help give you a safe and quality experience with individuals who undertake for Steel Defence IT.


Need on-site support outside of standard business hours? No problem. It could be for additional support during a disaster recovery procedure or for ongoing support. We currently cover select places across London, United Kingdom with plans for expansion through the summer.


Drop us an email or give us a call and we will do our best to help you. Tell us exactly what you need and we will aim to deliver.